A world of informations,
one click away

Ada Intelligence Technologies opens up new horizons for your business by leveraging public data and making it accessible.

We gather, you succeed

We scan the web and the various information channels to bring together all the company data and virtually recreate the economic fabric.


Infinite possibilities

Ada Intelligence Technologies forges links and draws conclusions between all the players in our economy. The result is strategic information with infinite potential.

Automated completion of all types of forms
Monitoring of competition, trends, and detection of opportunities and threats
Management of external risks and their impact
Identification of the best candidate for a specific role in the company
Facilitate M&A M&A processes by analysing the target’s environment

Your grant applications
simple at last

The most complex forms are partly self-completing thanks to the information gathered by Ada.

Let us guide you, save time and avoid missing out on precious funding.

Financial aid detection

The system identifies the financial aid for which your company is eligible.


Some informations are pre-filled in for you.

Time saving

Precious hours are saved. Stay focused on your core business.

At the cutting edge of innovation

An optimal data collection, structuring and analysis process using the latest artificial intelligence techniques and technologies.